The 2016 film ‘Uriyadi’ was hailed as Tamil cinema’s finest political thriller, and the second film hits the screens Today.Uriyadi 2 which is a political thriller talks about the necessity of students entering into politics.

Like in the first Uriyadi, the protagonist in this sequel-in-spirit, Lenin Vijay (Vijay Kumar) is a youngster whose ambition in life is to be jolly. But he also has social conscience and a seething anger against injustice. Unlike the first film, which was set in the 1990s, this story happens in the present day, and revolves around a chemical plant that is flouting environmental norms and poses a great threat to the people living nearby. Lenin is one of them. He and his two friends are in fact newly recruited employees at this plant.There was an Accident in that chemical plant and , it results in disaster, leading to loss of many lives. Can Lenin ensure that justice is done is the Story.
The Camera tone of this film is more melodramatic, but that sits well with the story. And Govind Vasantha’s grungy score ensures that there is an edge to the drama.Content of this Film is Awesome.

It’s An Political Thriller. So Please don’t Over Expect.Be Calm and Go the Theatre.The movie shows the Caste Politics,Many Shots Carries Emotions.When Comparing to Uriyadi 1,Uyiradi 2 is Little Bit Slow.

There is No Rating for this film, Because it carries the Emotions of Tamil People Who Fight For Sterlite Issue In Thoothukudi.



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