Things to Note on Kamal Hassan’s political-thriller ‘Vikram’ Teaser

As a treat for Kamal Hassan’s fans, Kamal released his movie teaser, Vikram through Twitter on his birthday. By signing a political-thriller movie with Lokesh Kanagaraj, a blockbuster confirmer, Kamal has made the right choice for his next movie.

The cinematography that went in the teaser makes us awe. The teaser starting with zooming in to expose a peaceful house to tossing axes, the pressure soars rapidly. The teaser hides within a mystery with hints for the plot. Let’s find out!

Facing the window and the cooker whistles: In this scene, Kamal was watching outside, through the glass window awaiting someone’s arrival. And then the pressure cooker whistles, implying all the pressure he has bottled up against them, just about to blast.

Cooking full meals for the politicians: Kamal is having guests coming over, why would he cook full meals on his own? May be this movie follows the same plot as 1986 movie of Kamal, Vikram. His wife might be killed, probably shot dead in this movie too. Or may be it just implies the preparations he had made for the guests, like mouth watering guns and delicious swords.

The masked people invited for lunch must be corrupted politicians and police officials. It tries to portray Kamal as a person washing out the degraded system.  

Full Meals : The guests gorging the full non-veg meals, just shows what Kamal is planning to do with the guests, a total destruction.

Kamal is an excellent actor who now holds the responsibility for the political party Makkal Needhi Maiiam. Vikram is expected to hit the screens before the April 2021 elections. The combo of three: the theme of the movie, the director Lokesh Kanagaraj and Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan is highly anticipated to serve a full delicious meal for an electoral masala.

Watch : Vikram Teaser




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