Thadam Movie Review

The movie felt like a super-fine ride, filled with some try-to-guess kind of twists. Right from the beginning, the truth and the concealed parts lies in front of your eyes and then it gets unrevealed by predictable characters. But still it depends upon the audience to predict the masked scenes.

Just two or three characters did not fit in with their roles excluding that factor Thadam shines up with its screenplay. Actress Vidya Pradeep was given a valuable role but her screen presence was disappointing enough though the ending of her in the movie is slightly hyped but superb.

With the help of Ittefaq from Iravukku Aayiram Kangal, I tried to unreveal the in the film but the climax was completely spectacular. It was a seat-edgy kind of movie in final 40 mins. The movie was extraordinary in some parts especially the station scene is my favorite.



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