Soorarai Potru Movie Review (No spoilers)

Soorarai potru starring Surya and Aparna Balamurali has been the talk of the Kollywood town for months. After initial delays in the release, the movie is now enjoyed along with Deepavali laddus.

The road to success was never easy. This is a movie of a young man who does everything to win. Soorarai Potru plugs you to the seat belt and gives you a bumpy flight ride of emotions and drama. For a crybaby like me, this movie will be a too much ‘cutting of onions’ encounter.

Surya, the love of our lives, acted perfectly well, without a doubt. Aparna Balamurali rocked it so well. Unlike typical movies, the female lead in Soorarai Potru sported a true character. Aparna plays a role of a strong, playful, extremely romantic and ambitious woman. She reminded me of Meera Jasmine’s role from Sanda Kozhi movie.

This movie is a struggle of Nedumaran Rajangam. Nedumaran is an air force captain, born in a village area of Madurai. He struggles to start a new Airline company. But why? He wants to smash the idea of ‘only rich can fly.’ He breaks the corrupted system to revolutionise the world with affordable flights for everyone. Being an air force captain, this idea of low cost flights struck his mind after facing an emotionally draining situation.

The movie in the ending says, it is inspired from certain life events of G. R. Gopinath, a retired Indian Army captain and the founder of Air Deccan. Gopinath hailed from a small village of Gorur, Karnataka. He revolutionised the Airline industry with a first ever low-cost carrier.

Team Kollywood rating for Soorarai Potru4/5

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