Amala Paul smoking pictures goes viral

Actress Amala Paul is becoming a controversial queen in South Indian cinema .

Now the pretty actress has released a literally smoking hot image in black and white with cigarette in hand ( in her Instagram page). Amala has captioned it “This is not me advocating smoking, this is me living my Hollywood fan girl dreams.
Every star has an iconic smoking shot, and here’s mine!”. Apparently, the scene is part of an upcoming Tamil film.

The clipping shows her smoking through her mouth and exhaling through nostrils.

She confessed that she did the smoking scene for a particular sequence.
Well, she justifies the scene saying that she wanted it be as natural as possible. Though the makers offered to use a body double, apparently, Amala insisted on doing the shot herself.
However, this is not going well among her haters but Amala Paul tried to get out of the scene saying at the end, cigarette smoking is injurious to health



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